In 1989, under the name of Garrafeira Gomes, Joaquim Gomes began a history that has spanned over more than 29 years, and from generation to generation, continues to preserve and value roots and traditions from which he has a long experience in the retail market.

The first commercial establishment opened to the public in 1990. More recently, on April 6, 2013, Garrafeira Gomes changes its facilities and opens a Garrafeira / CASH with 500m2 and 3000 more products, including red, white, green and rosé table wines , Brandy, Sparkling Wines, Liqueurs, Whiskey, Port Wine, International Beer and various drinks.

It is based on these years of experience in the sector, that his knowledge and personal wealth foster a business of generations that has evolved over the years without ever losing its character and tradition.

Our constant search for the best products makes us to make a difference in a highly competitive and demanding market, Garrafeira Gomes believes that this is the path to success, guided by excellent professionalism, loyalty and commitment.